Ivanka Trump Has Warrant Issued Against Her For Failure To Pay Back Taxes

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During the presidential campaign, then candidate Donald Trump broke from decades of tradition and refused to release his tax records to the American people. Trump claimed that he was unable to release his taxes because he was being audited by the IRS. His excuse, however, was quickly proved to be a demonstrable lie as there was no law that prevented Trump from releasing the information. It seems now that not only does Donald Trump have issues with releasing his taxes, but his daughter Ivanka has some tax trouble of her own. The apple does not fall far from the tree after all.

Ivanka Trump’s jewelry company, apparently, owes over $5,000 in back unpaid taxes to the state of New York. While Ivanka Trump is fabulously wealthy through her family, and is married to a billionaire too, she does not pay her bills. This is a common theme amongst the Trumps who believe they are above the rules which govern society. The money which Ivanka Trump owes has become so delinquent that a warrant has been issued. According to USAToday.com:

The warrant is a public record serving notice that taxes are owed. It lists a slightly smaller amount, which Gazzale could not immediately explain. Under New York law, continued failure to pay could trigger additional interest and penalties. In worst-case scenarios, the state could attempt to collect through a levy or seizure and sale of property.

The tax issue is not likely to remain a problem, as the Trump family can burn $5,000 in cash every minute of the day and not notice. However, it is certainly embarrassing in the short term.

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