Donald Trump Forcing Employees To Give Up Their Phones To Check For Leaks

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It was reported earlier that White House press secretary Sean Spicer had submitted staffers at the White House to phone checks in order to snuff out leaks. Spicer consulted with White House counsel on the action and, ironically, the story got out via White House leaks.

According to CNN, sources are saying that it wasn’t just the White House counsel who signed off on the checks. Donald Trump himself reportedly approved of staffers having their cell phones searched for encrypted messaging apps.

“I am told he signed off personally on that meeting with Sean Spicer and his staffers to check their cellphones,” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny explained on The Lead today. Zeleny also noted that this was sanctioned by the president as a way to send a signal to staff.

Per the original story, Spicer held a meeting with roughly a dozen communications staffers and let them know that the White House was upset and frustrated that a number of private conversations were making their ways into news reports. He then had the employees hand over their phones so he could see what apps they had and so they could prove that they had nothing to hide.

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