Donald Trump’s Secret Deal With China Could Lead To IMPEACHMENT

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The eyes of media consumers have been affixed on the scandals of President Donald Trump’s administration in relation to the Russian government, and for good reason. The resignation of National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is the biggest story of the year, but it has forced many members of the public to turn a blind eye to an equally, if not more, salacious story. It appears that President Donald Trump has been making inside deals with the Chinese government. It is the job of the president to negotiate with foreign governments, but the terms of this negotiation have only helped Trump and have offered absolutely nothing to the American people.

For over 10 years Trump and his corporation have been fighting the Chinese government for the ability to own the “TRUMP” brand with a Chinese trademark. Now, suddenly, Trump has been granted the trademark. The sudden turn around by China makes any intelligent individual ask themselves how or why this happened. The chronology was broken down by the editor at Think Progress Jed Legum:

Now that the truth of Trump’s despicable deeds has come out there is no where left for him to lie or hide.

Do you think there should be an investigation into Trump’s receiving of the “Trump” trademark from the Chinese government? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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