Another HUGE Department Store Drops Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line, Expect Donald Trump EXPLOSION In 3, 2, 1…

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The bad news for Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her business keeps rolling in. After Trump created his political profile out of spreading hatred, fear, racism, and division throughout the nation he seems surprised the nation is pushing back by refusing to buy products associated with him. Those who believe in capitalism ought to cheer Trump and his family losing business and encourage them to change their ways to bring their customers back to the fold. However, for now, Ivanka Trump has seen another major retailer pull her wares from their shelves.

All of Ivanka Trump’s products were removed from the website of “Burlington.” While Burlington was not a major retailer of Ivanka Trump, they did carry as many as 18 of her products in November, and 13 in February. However, they are now all gone. Burlington remarked that the goods were removed not as an anti-Trump stance, but one out of business necessity because the products were not selling. The reason they were not selling is well known, as a boycott against anything to do with the Trump name is in full swing.

Hope for Trump’s product line is not entire lost as she maintains distribution agreements with many other outlets including “Macy’s.” However, if the poor sales continue to pile up for Ivanka Trump she may soon find herself frozen out of the retail arena as political affiliation is one thing, but these organizations exist to make money and if Ivanka’s products are unable to do that the businesses will have no reason to continue offering them for sale.

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