Fox News Just Called Out Donald Trump For LYING About Inauguration Attendance!

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President Donald Trump has begun the first week of his presidency by doing what he does best — lying. In an attempt to save face about how disliked he is Trump has been publicly disputing the number of individuals who attended his inauguration. Trump says that over a million individuals were present in Washington, D.C. when every other news source says the number was actually 250,000 — including Fox News.

Fox News Sunday host Christ Wallace took Trump’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, to task over the massive discrepancy. Wallace said:

OK, you talk about honesty and say that this was about honesty. Well, there’s another issue here, though, Reince, and that is the president’s honesty, because two things that he said yesterday were just flat wrong, and I want to talk about them.

First, crowd size. I’m going to put up, take a look at these pictures. We’ve got monitors here.

Priebus bristled at Wallace’s point and said that he wasn’t showing an accurate picture, but Wallace stuck to his guns. When Priebus asserted that the crowd was larger after the picture Wallace showed was taken, Wallace shot back that he was present and that the picture was accurate.

This type of spin, where Trump and his team attempt to pretend that reality is up for debate is troublesome. Now that Trump has all eyes on his every move he will continue to find himself in a position where he is being challenged for lying.

Watch the segment below:

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