WHOA! Major Veterans Group Just OBLITERATED Donald Trump For Putting The Lives Of Veterans At Risk

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One of the main tenets of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign was his rock-ribbed vow to serve, no matter the cost, the brave members of the United States military. With Trump being a man who has proved himself to be one who will waffle and change his positions at a whim, he enacted a policy which prevents the Veterans Administration from hiring new medical staff. This move has enraged a group of veterans who have placed Trump’s backward policies in their crosshairs.

The group in question, VoteVets, published a damning statement condemning Trump for hanging veterans out to dry. They, in part, wrote:

Those unemployed veterans seeking work, Federal jobs are a prime destination, thanks to a 2009 executive order signed by President Barack Obama, establishing the Veterans Employment Initiative. That order instructed agencies to identify and hire qualified veterans for job openings. Trump’s hiring freeze means no jobs are now open for veterans at affected agencies

The letter also said that if Trump’s policies make it so veterans cannot receive the medical care they require that Trump will be called upon to answer for his decisions:

If his Executive Order leads to preventable deaths, that will be on Donald Trump’s hands, and we will hold him personally accountable.

If Trump was looking to endear himself to a block of voters which helped to propel him into office, he certainly has a strange way of showing his affection.

Read the full letter below:

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