We Know What Was In The Tiffany’s Box Melania Trump Gave Michelle Obama!

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Many people noticed the hilarious moment when Melania Trump handed Michelle Obama a blue box that screamed none other than Tiffany and Co.

The two First Ladies hugged and kissed before Melania handed Michelle the gift, who then quickly looked for somewhere to put it down so that they could pose for a photo.

With the face that Michelle pulled, many people kidded that the box contained a copy of the speech that the new First Lady stole, almost verbatim, from her (that would have been great banter from Melania).

But it wasn’t. It was simply a weird moment and left everyone wondering what was in the box.

When asked about the gift, Tiffany and Co., said, “The White House has been a patron of the House of Tiffany & Co since Abraham Lincoln.”

After some investigations of the luxury jewelry brand’s catalog, here is the most likely possibility of what could have been in the large, thin box.

The most likely item that would fit the box is a fancy photo frame, which Tiffany’s sells plenty of, ranging from $500 to almost $700.

Here’s the video from that amazing moment:

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