Watch Trevor Noah Give PETRIFYING Warning About Donald Trump, YOU MUST SEE THIS!

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If you watched Donald Trump’s exclusive interview with ABC, you witnessed just how off the president acted throughout. Trump truly seems to be more worried about crowd numbers and phantom voters than anything else. His chat with David Muir spent time solidifying the administration’s stance that the media is the enemy, echoed earlier today by Steve Bannon’s comments to the New York Times.

The Daily Show goes through to recap the interview and points to the many falsehoods within. The one key portion dealt with Trump’s proposal to halt immigration from certain Muslim countries. He cites San Bernardino and 9/11 to support his decision, something Trevor Noah quickly refutes by pointing out that the attackers in those instances came from countries not on Trump’s list.

Noah finishes the segment by giving Trump a makeover that puts Jared Leto to shame. All you need is a little technology and some fake clown makeup to take Trump’s words about the “angry” world and make them sound incredibly insane. Trump growls that “the world is a mess” and “as angry as it gets,” and all you’re left thinking about is when The Dark Knight is going to try to prove him wrong.

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