Watch People Explain Why The Affordable Care Act Is SO MUCH BETTER Than Obamacare, This Is HYSTERICAL!

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Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “Lie Witness” team took on Obamacare on Tuesday night, once again asking people whether they support Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act. The show conducted a similar poll in 2013, seeing if people realize that both names refer to the same law.

“I’m not the biggest fan of Obama, so I don’t support him in the Obama things that he’s got going on,” responded one woman, who said she “absolutely” prefers the ACA.

The people in the segment seemed clueless that Obamacare was just a nickname for ACA. One man said he preferred ACA because his girlfriend likes Donald Trump. When speaking about the difference between the two, a man said, “One is you pay, and the other is Obama pays for you.”

When a woman was told that the two healthcare laws were the same, she merely shrugged and didn’t respond.

The clip concluded with a young man who admitted he was “pretty stoned” and said, “Obama’s pretty tight.”

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