Watch CNN’s Van Jones Launch Into A BRUTAL Attack On Trump’s Inaugural Speech

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After Donald Trump was inaugurated as the next President of the United States various political commentators had less than kind words to say about his inaugural speech. In particular a former adviser to President Obama went on the attack against Trump in an absolutely brutal way.

Van Jones, who was forced to resign his position under Obama, said of Trump:

To the world he now says, the United States is now a radically ordinary country. We will be petty, we will be small. We’re focused on our own interests, and we’re abandoning now that ‘City on the Hill’ position that Reagan talked about.

For Jones to bring Ronald Reagan into the discussion was strange as Reagan is almost always used as a negative figure by leftist political commentators. However, Jones was not content with his single remark and he gave Trump another slap:

It’s a patriotism unrecognizable, I think, to the world, to the left, to the right, and I don’t know where it leads us, but I think the world is now adrift.

Watch the scene below by clicking here.

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