Twitter CEO Just Put Donald Trump On BLAST, Will Trump Complain…ON TWITTER?

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Saturday condemned President Trump’s executive order banning many refugees and individuals from predominantly Muslim countries.

“The Executive Order’s humanitarian and economic impact is real and upsetting. We benefit from what refugees and immigrants bring to the U.S.” Dorsey tweeted.

He followed the tweet with another post that read “11% of Syrian immigrants to the U.S. are business owners, more than triple that of U.S.-born business owners.”

The official Twitter account also tweeted that the company is “built by immigrants of all religions. We stand for and with them, always.”

Dorsey’s tweets deal in reference to Trump’s order handed down Friday, which bars Syrian refugees indefinitely and halts the resettlement of all refugees for four months as the administration reviews the vetting process.

Admission will resume only after vetting has been deemed “adequate” by the secretary of State, the secretary of Homeland Security and Director of National Intelligence.

Trump’s order also denies entry for 90 days for individuals from seven predominantly Muslims countries: Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen.

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