Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Is EXTREMELY UNHAPPY With Trump’s Bizarre Behavior, Causing MAJOR Rift

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When President Donald Trump was assembling his cabinet one of the most contentious choices was Trump’s decision to bring on his son in law, Jared Kushner, into his inner White House circle. The thought was that Kushner, who is a billionaire, would be an asset which would prove to be invaluable. Beyond that Kushner is family and therefore he is someone Trump can trust. However, with the presidency of Trump being in its infancy Kushner finds himself in a position he did not intend and he has been showing signs of frustration that make him worse for wear.

The appearance of Kushner has been noted by many observers who have seen changes in his appearance. According to Vanity Fair:

Kushner also appears to have already endured the physical toll of the job. He has become pale, the source noted. His body language and his demeanor toward Trump had changed, and he had lost a noticeable amount of weight from his already slight frame in just a week.

Kushner has big plans for himself and his wife, and has been hoping to set himself up for a run at the presidency in the coming years. Those are now on the back burner as Kushner deals with a variety of scandals surrounding his father-in-law. Both Kushner’sĀ future and the future of his wife Ivanka Trump are both in jeopardy. He is placed in an impossible position of either distancing himself from Trump, which means the end of his influence, or embracing Trump’s policies with both arms which means he will be tied to the fallout.

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