Trump’s National Security Adviser’s Son DELETED Twitter Account After HATEFUL Muslim Tweet

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One aspect of political life for any person involved in this nation’s legislative process is that they and their families are under the harsh light of scrutiny of the media. In the age of the Internet nothing which is published by a public figure, or their family goes unnoticed. The son of President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, learned this the hard way when a post he published on Twitter turned into a national story.

The young Flynn posted an inflammatory video to Twitter along with the hashtag “#MuslimBan.”

Flynn is apparently a strong supporter of Trump’s ban against Muslims, which is another story in and of itself. However, once Flynn’s post became a matter of public fodder he quickly deleted his entire Twitter account.

What Flynn did was not illegal, but it makes his father look badly. If his father looks badly then Trump also looks badly. Trump is a deviant when it comes to optics and perception and he is very likely to have had a stern talking to with his National Security Adviser about his son’s behavior. Now that Flynn has deleted his account it serves as a warning to the rest of Trump’s administration, and their families that no matter what they do they are being watched at all times. If members of the opposition can find something to use against Trump, it is clear by this scenario that they are both ready and willing to use it.

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