Trump’s Aides Leak That Trump Is FUMING MAD That More People Attended Women’s March Than His Inauguration

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Dealing with harsh reality is not something which President Donald Trump excels. He is having a difficult time accepting the fact that several hundred thousand more individuals attended a women’s protest than his inauguration. Apparently Trump is absolutely shocked that the American people are not welcoming his presidency with open arms after he spent over a year on the campaign trail sowing the seeds of hatred and racism.

According to numerous reports Trump was visibly outraged at the comparison as the size of his crowd versus the march’s crowd. To respond to this distressing reality Trump ordered his press secretary, Sean Spicer, to go out and give a statement that the inauguration sizes were reported incorrectly out of pure spite. Unfortunately for Trump the rest of the world was paying attention to the size of the crowds and did their best not to laugh in Spicer’s face at his false assertions that even he could not have believed when the words rolled out of his mouth.

Trump’s team has done their best to keep him on task with his various duties of running the nation, but they have been having a poor run of success. Trump is addicted to media coverage — especially when it has to do with him — and he cannot be thwarted from watching his own train crash from happening in real time. It is only a matter of time before Trump calls a press conference to ask the American people why they don’t like him.

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