Trump Wrote Ridiculous Tweet, Then Deleted It, WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW!

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During the presidential campaign of 2016 Donald Trump used Twitter as his main tool to communicate with the public. Now that Trump is the 45th President of the United States he is bound by an entirely different set of standards than when he was merely a candidate.

It seems Trump took the unilateral action to delete one of his Twitter posts after he posted a typo, and that was likely illegal. Trump wrote that he was “honered” to be the president. Trump probably noticed he had made a simple typo and deleted it, but now that he is president deleting a post is not as simple as that.

Every word written or spoken by the President of the United States is bound by the Presidential Records Act of 1978. All of Trump’s Twitter posts are now a matter of public record, and according to the law he must first “obtain the views of the Archivist of the United States.” Trump did not do this before deleting his tweet, because he surely did not know the law. Many have observed that Trump is woefully unprepared to be president, and this action by him proves he does not understand what he is doing.

Had former President Barack Obama done what Trump did the right wing would have been outraged and called for him to face the force of the law. However, hypocrisy runs through their blood and they will now call to give Trump a free pass. Isn’t politics grand?

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