Trump Supporter Fuming Mad Because Her Husband Can’t Get Back Into The Country, TOTALLY Regrets Voting For Him

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It appears that some of Donald Trump’s supporters are having buyer’s remorse. Trump promised to enact a series of disgusting policies if he won the presidency, shocked the world  by defeating Secretary Hillary Clinton and is now making good on all his campaign promises. Perhaps some of Trump’s constituents believed he was only blowing hot air when he said he would ban individuals from Muslim countries to enter the United States, but he was not bluffing. There is a sad story below in which one Trump voter learned the hard way after it directly impacted her and her family.

The Trump voter below whose name is not known, is quite enthusiastic about Trump’s impending election:

However, just a few months later this poor individual drastically changed her tune.  This case is typical with Republicans who supported Trump and his policies – until those same policies comes to haunt them personally.

One wonders if this individual would be taking this line if her husband was not impacted by Trump. It is highly unlikely, and that is why it is difficult to find her situation sympathetic. Clearly, all individuals should have the right to enter the United States if they follow the proper procedures, and based on that principle one must philosophically draw a line in the sand. All individuals in the United States are afforded the same rights regardless of their political persuasion or how stupid they are.

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