Trump Reveals What Pres. Obama Wrote In Private Letter, And It’s HEARTBREAKING

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It is tradition for departing presidents to write a letter to the incoming president, and Pres. Obama did just that for Donald Trump. Normally the contents are kept private, but Trump disclosed some details to congressional leaders during their White House meeting Monday evening.

In the letter Obama pleaded with Trump to keep Obamacare, or to replace it with something at least as generous.

“I haven’t seen the letter,” Rep. Steny Hoyer, who attended the meeting, told reporters Tuesday. “But President Obama correctly … stated that, ‘Look, we believe the Affordable Care Act is a very important piece of legislation which has given Americans better health, better access, more reliability. And if you have a bill … that improves upon all this, well, you know, maybe I could support it.”

“I don’t know what the verbiage of President Obama’s was,” he added. “But his point was: ‘If you’ve got something that’s really better and we see it and we think it’s better, then we could support that.'”

Trump previously called Obama’s letter “beautiful.

The people of this country need healthcare. Is Obamacare perfect? Nope. But it works.

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