Trump Is Getting DESTROYED Online For His Bizarre Speech At The CIA, Reporters Calling For HIS HEAD

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President Donald Trump paid a visit to the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency to give a bizarre speech which was not well received by anybody. Trump took the time to speak about his vindictive relationship with the media, and to call out the CIA for their loyalty to him. Trump’s speech was heralded as bizarre by numerous political observers who did not understand what Trump was hoping to accomplish through his appearance.

The highly publicized speech served no purpose other than to make it appear Trump has good standing amongst individuals in the intelligence community. While Trump is often heralded as a fool, he simply cannot be completely ignorant as to how he is perceived. In fact Trump’s stock and trade is to be vindictive towards those who criticize him. Now that he is the most observed man in the world, with his finger tips at the heart of power, Trump must take a different tact as president rather than simply lashing out via Twitter.

Numerous political observers mocked Trump’s appearance, and rightfully so. The next four years will be a bumpy ride for Trump as he is not going to get a typical honeymoon phase for his presidency. Rather, thanks to his own behavior, he is going to receive the harshest treatment possible. Poor him.

Watch Trump’s CIA speech below:

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