Trump Finally Lands An “A-List” Celebrity For His Inauguration, And This Guy IS THE WORST!

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Martin Shkreli, also known as the “pharma bro” is headed to Washington, DC for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

A Brooklyn judge on Wednesday OK’d Shkreli’s travel to the nation’s capitol between Jan. 17 and 21 to attend a “social event,” according to new court filings.

Shkreli is currently free on bail, having been arrested by the FBI in December, 2015, after being indicted on federal charges for securities fraud.

Widely viewed as “the most hated man in America,” the former CEO of Turing pharmaceuticals drew universal condemnation for raising the price of an antiparasitic drug used to treat HIV patients by a factor of 56, or 5600%. The cost of that drug, known as Daraprim, rose from 13$ to 750$ per pill.

Shkreli announced his support for Trump in May of 2016, then backtracked, claiming he was joking. The fact that he sought a special dispensation from the Court to attend the inauguration indicates otherwise.

Shkreli was kicked off Twitter earlier this week after allegedly harassing Teen Vogue reporter Lauren Duca and asking her to accompany him to the inauguration. Shkreli photoshopped pictures of himself over that of Duca’s husband, and made himself a nuisance with unwanted come-ons, prompting his troll followers to harass Duca, even sending her rape and death threats.

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