Trump Complaining To Aides That He Can’t “ENJOY” His Presidency Because Of Everyone Protesting

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When Donald Trump began his quest for the presidency many viewed his candidacy as a complete joke. That Trump was able to defeat Hillary Clinton for the White House is more a testament to how disliked Clinton was rather than how much the American people wanted Trump as their next Commander-in-chief. Now that Trump is in power he finds himself absolutely befuddled that protesters have taken to the streets in every major city across America. He is particularly disturbed by the protesters in Washington, D.C. because they are disturbing him from “enjoying” the White House.

According to the AP the crying statement by Trump was disclosed by an anonymous White House source who said the newly minted president has grown erratic at the reality of the force of resistance being placed against him by the public. The source also stated that Trump believes that CNN has been “gloating” about the size of his inauguration crowd in comparison to the number of individuals who attended the women’s march to protest Trump’s anti-woman policies.

Unfortunately for Trump he is in for a bumpy four years if he believes the swell of discontent amongst the electorate is going to dissipate anytime in the future. In fact it is reasonable to assume that the resistance against Trump is only just beginning and that the protests will only grow in size and scope. This means that, no, Trump will not be able to “enjoy” any serene quiet in his office and that he will simply have to settle for mobs of people calling for his impeachment every day for the next four years. Poor guy.

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