Trump BRUTALLY Attacks Rep. John Lewis On MLK Weekend, Guess What Just Happened?

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Donald Trump began Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend by attacking Rep. John Lewis on Twitter, accusing the civil rights icon of being “all talk, talk, talk — no action or results. Sad!”

Trump’s attack on Lewis was met with immediate outrage, as his fellow lawmakers quickly pointed to Lewis’ record as a leader of the civil rights movement and criticized Trump for ignorance of just how much Lewis has done — both in speech and action — in service of progress in America.

As further evidence of the widespread backlash to Trump’s accusations, Amazon is now SOLD OUT of Lewis’ biography.

Some on Twitter have been encouraging people to buy Lewis’ book as a gesture of support.

Walking with the Wind: A memoir of the movement, which was published 16 years ago, now is completely sold out and has a wait list of a month or more on the bookseller’s website. March, Lewis’ series of graphic novels about his time in the civil rights movement, is currently still available, as is Lewis’ other book Across That Bridge.

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