SNL’s “Vladimir Putin” HUMILIATES Trump, Teases Him For Lying About Inauguration Numbers, Expect Trump To Tweet In 3, 2, 1…

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Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Alex Baldwin’s version of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, but instead we were greeted by Beck Bennett’s priceless, shirtless, and smarmy Valdimir Putin.

Boasting about buying the election and being the one really pulling the strings over the next four years, Bennett’s Putin was joined by Kate McKinnon’s recurring downtrodden Russian character. Her new pussy hat really pulls the look together.

But the highlight of the cold open had to be Bennett needling Trump for the low turnout at his inauguration on Friday.

We already knew the scarce crowds were a sore spot with Trump given that newly-minted Press Secretary Sean Spicer went to great lengths to lie about the low attendance his first day on the job. So, yes, this smirking joke from Bennett’s Putin has to sting.

And he’s not wrong. The turnout for the various Women’s Marches around the globe were staggeringly huge—higher than most expected. Given how popular anti-Trump sentiment seems to be in this country and how much ripping on the president has done for S.N.L.’s popularity, don’t look for the sketch show to pull its punches any time soon.


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