Rudy Giuliani Made A 9/11 Sex Joke At Inaugural Dinner, Because In Trump’s World, That’s Okay Now

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Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States and during a celebratory lunch one of Trump’s top advisers made an absolutely disgusting sexual joke about a woman which was well received. This is of little surprise as Republicans are typically insidious and disgusting individuals who find glee in women being disrespected.

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani told a bizarre story at Washington, D.C.’s Four Seasons hotel about something which happened on 9/11. In what should have been a somber story Giuliani turned it sexual, much to the surprise of nobody who knows about his own philandering ways. Giuliani said:

In the same car with me was my fire commissioner, Tom Van Essen and Tom had lost what turned out to be 343 firefighters. And President Bush recognized him from seeing him on television the prior two days. And he leaned over to Tom, grabbed his arm, and said to him, ‘Tom, I’m so sorry. How are things going?’ Tom looked at him and said, ‘Much better now. My wife came home last night and I got lucky.’ That’s locker room talk. President Bush remembered that so well that when he saw Tom three weeks later at a fire house dinner, he came up to him and said, ‘Tom, are you still getting lucky?’ And Tom said, ‘No, it’s worn out.’

Well how gracious! Equating the tragedy on 9/11 to that of a man having sex with his wife. Republicans are always the classiest of the bunch.

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