Republicans Make Their Move to GUT Social Security For U.S. Seniors, But Elizabeth Warren ISN’T HAVING IT!

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A responsibility of an incoming president is to fill various roles in their cabinet. Trump has been taking on this task so that he can begin governing the nation once he is inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Thus far Trump’s various nominees have faced grueling confirmation hearings in front of the Senate.  Tom Price who has been named as the Secretary of Health and Human Services received a special beatdown from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) who showed just how unfit Price is for the job.

Warren took issue with Price’s plan to cut the Medicare program by $449 billion and she asked him about it:

The budget you recently authored as chair of the House Budget Committee would have cut spending on Medicare by $449 billion over the next decade, is that right?

Price was unwilling or unable to answer her question so she asked another:

Alright, so then you said you’d cut Medicare by $449 billion. Your FY 2017 budget proposal also would have cut Medicaid funding that goes to the state governments by more than $1 trillion, is that correct?

Price found himself completely dumbfounded by Warren’s questions and was unable to clarify any of the information Warren was seeking. The concept of cutting such vital programs by such large amounts of money all amounts to a disaster for the poorest and most in need members of American society.

Watch the interaction below and attempt to do your best to not cringe:

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