REPORT: Trump’s Son-In-Law Jared Kushner Involved In MAJOR Conflict Of Interest, Just CROSSED THE LINE!

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It appears Donald Trump’s son-in-law is involved in a MAJOR conflict of interest, that demonstrates exactly why Trump can’t have his cake and eat it too.

The New York Times reported today that Jared Kushner, was “nearing agreement on a joint venture” with a huge Chinese financial company, Anbang Insurance Group, for the redevelopment of a piece of Manhattan real estate Kushner’s company owns.

At the same time Kushner is negotiating this major project with a company that has expressed hope that Trump’s election would be good for their global business, Kushner is being leaned on as an adviser for Trump.

The paper also highlighted the concerns surrounding Anbang, reporting that it is owned by dozens of companies which are in turn owned by shell companies that are controlled by around 100 people. Anbang is also deeply connected to the Chinese government, which previously caused President Barack Obama to seek other accommodations rather than stay at the Anbang-owned Waldorf in New York during a trip last year. The company’s ties to the Chinese state have also led it to walk away from deals in the US rather than submit to additional scrutiny.

Trump has previously said that Kushner could be the lead person in any discussions with Israel and feels like he’ll be the guy who can help create peace in the Middle East. He was also the person the White House contacted to discuss Trump’s faux pas on the Taiwan call in regards to China last month.

Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump recently moved to Washington D.C., with both presumably having roles in the Trump White House.

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