Remember The Guy Who Brought The “R*pe Melania” Sign To A Trump Rally? Guess Who Was Behind It?

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A Trump supporter has been caught doing something absolutely despicable and all in the name of attempting to make leftists look bad? Well strap me down and call me a unicorn, I am absolutely shocked! Apparently several weeks ago an individual was spotted holding a sign which said “Rape Melania” which happened right after the presidential election. Conservatives seized upon this moment as the example they required to show how vile and hateful leftists were after Trump defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. That is the narrative which was believed by the public until now…

Here’s the infamous sign:

After a serious investigation it has been found the individual responsible for holding the sign was actually a supporter of Trump the entire time. The shocking revelation was made by Buzzfeed who uncovered a conversation with a man named Jack Posobiec.

As it happens Posobiec is the leader of the soon to be held “Deploraball.” Posobiec is so disliked he even was even called out for his shenanigans by one of his former partners of the Deploraball:

Now Mr. Posobiec denies the charges and claims any evidence against him has been fabricated. Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn’t. This is the Internet after all.

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