President Obama Makes HISTORY, Gets INCREDIBLE News That Is Making Trump FURIOUS!

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President Barack Obama will exit the White House this week with his highest approval rating since his first year in office.

According to a new CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday, Obama’s current approval rating is at 60 percent, his highest rate since June 2009, six months into his first term as president.

CNN reported that such high marks place Obama third among recent presidents’ outgoing approval rating, behind Bill Clinton’s 66 percent in January 2001 and Ronald Reagan’s 64 percent in January 1989.

Additionally, the poll found, 65 percent of polled Americans said they believe the Obama presidency was a success; and while 54 percent of Democrats surveyed said they consider Obama among the “greatest presidents,” the same percentage of Republicans believe him to have been a poor president—underscoring the deep partisan divide felt as a Trump presidency is on the horizon.

On the other side we have Donald Trump, who is entering his presidency with historically low approval numbers, having the lowest-ever ratings for an incoming president.

A majority of Americans — 52 percent — say they disapprove of the way President-elect Trump has handled his transition and preparations for the presidency, versus just 44 percent who approve, which is down six points from only a month ago.

To put Trump’s numbers into perspective, Barack Obama’s approval rating was 71 percent before he took the oath of office in January 2009, and Bill Clinton’s was 77 percent in December 1992.

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