President Obama Just BLASTED Donald Trump On “60 Minutes”, Says He Needs “Thick Skin”

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President Barack Obama said “thick skin” and “stamina” are important qualities to have when serving as the commander-in-chief, adding that he believes he is the same person today as he was at the beginning of his tenure.

In his final interview with “60 Minutes” as president, set to air Sunday night, Obama said “thick skin helps” in getting the job done.

“Stamina. There is a greater physical element to this job than you would think, just being able to grind it out. And I think your ability to– not just mentally and emotionally but physically be able to say, ‘We got this. We’re going to be okay,’” is important, the president told host Steve Kroft.

Obama referred to the campaign as a “significant training ground” for serving as the president.

“One of the things I’m proud about is that I think my basic character and outlook actually have not changed much. And– and people who are closest to me will tell you that– the guy who came here is the same guy who’s leaving,” he said in the interview.

It’s funny that this interview comes a few hours after Donald Trump shows that he has incredibly thin skin…tweeting about SNL and Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him.

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