Pres. Nixon’s Lawyer Predicts Donald Trump’s Presidency Will End In “CALAMITY”

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The first days of Donald Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States have been nothing short of a spectacular disaster. Trump has the lowest approval ratings of any president before him. Beyond that an individual who knows a thing or two about White House fraud, President Richard Nixon’s lawyer, has come forward to offer a prediction about what will happen before Trump leaves the Oval Office.

John Dean was Nixon’s White House counsel, and a man the FBI said was “the master manipulator.” Dean said:

The way the Trump presidency is beginning it is safe to say it will end in calamity. It is almost a certainty. Even Republicans know this!

When Dean talks about pushing the boundaries of the law, people should listen. He knows a thing or two about weaving a tangled web and dealing with the consequences. Trump has surrounded himself with individuals who are clearly unprepared for the legal storm they are quickly wading their way into without an exit plan.

Trump has taken actions which are surely illegal and unconstitutional. He may not be forced to answer for his decisions today or tomorrow, but eventually there will be a reckoning. When that day comes Dean will find himself on the correct side of history and Trump will be left with holding nothing but an empty sack.

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