Paul Ryan Just BETRAYED Trump, Refused To Co-Sign Trump’s LIES And “Alternate Truths”

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Cracks are beginning to show in the veneer of Republican unity. President Donald Trump has been, for no apparent reason, repeating the talking point that he would have won the popular vote against Hillary Clinton had it not been for millions of illegal immigrants voting in the election. Why Trump has been going around saying this does not make logical sense as he is now the president and the popular vote does not determine who wins. However, rather than playing along with Trump’s lies the top Republican in the House of Representatives has drawn a line in the sand by refusing to corroborate Trump’s story.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-WI), told reporters that despite Trump’s claims “I’ve seen no evidence to that effect. I’ve made that very, very clear.” Ryan’s audacity to contradict Trump’s lie is the latest in a long string of barbs traded between the two. Previously Ryan refused to endorse Trump, and in response Trump vowed retribution. Ryan is not alone in his unwillingness to play along. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) also said of Trump’s claim:

I don’t know what Trump is talking about. If he has evidence, bring it forward. If he doesn’t, he shouldn’t say things like that. I want people to believe — at least, the Senate be on record — that we believe the election is fair. I’m sure there was problems, but it was free and fair.

Thus far Trump has offered no evidence to substantiate his claims. His Republican underlings understand this and since Trump has not provided them the political cover necessary to agree with him they have no other option but to disagree.

Watch Ryan’s comments below:

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