On Trump’s First Day He Signed Away Women’s Rights, While Surrounded By Men!

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Donald Trump has been President of the United States for less than a week and he is already enraging individuals around the nation with the actions he has taken. To begin his presidency Trump decided the best tact to take would be to initiate a blatant assault upon the rights of women. In keeping with Republican tradition Trump has reauthorized a favorite policy of conservatives by attacking the finances of foreign nations who promote abortion.

The policy in question is the “Mexico City policy” which was first put into place by President Ronald Reagan. The policy states that any foreign government which is a recipient of U.S. foreign aid is banned from promoting abortion. Reagan’s policy was removed by President Bill Clinton. After Clinton left office the policy was brought back by President George W. Bush. When Bush’s time in the Oval Office was over President Barack Obama rescinded the policy in his first days in office. And keeping with the theme, Trump reversed Obama’s reversal.

In reversing the policy Trump was flanked by all male members of his cabinet, which is ironic in itself. The era of old men in suits, in back rooms, laughing and congratulating themselves on being masters of the universe, making decisions about what women can do with their own bodies is back stronger than ever.

Trump has done himself no favors in calming women who believe he will continue pushing the backward Republican policies which infringe upon their rights. Presently no Federal dollars go towards funding abortion programs within the United States, despite outrageous claims to the contrary.

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