NOOOOO!! Trump Is ALREADY Setting Up His 2020 Re-election Team, THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!

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A hope of individuals on the left everywhere is that Donald Trump will eventually be impeached after he is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. While that may be a likely scenario one should not look to Trump for confirmation of that belief because Trump is already gearing himself up to stay in office for two full terms. Indeed, it appears Trump is already making preparations for his 2020 presidential reelection race.

This information was learned after it was discovered Trump plans to keep his original campaign office open and fully operational during his entire time in the White House. The headquarters will be based in Manhattan at Trump Tower were at least 10 individuals will be kept on as full-time employees to do the bidding of Trump that is required.  According to Politico the employees will be working on helping Trump to raise money, and to begin compiling data from the 2016 election so that Trump can be as prepared as possible.

Taking four years to plan a presidential bid after winning the presidency is an unusual move, as politicians typically take a year or two off from campaigning. Trump is not a career politician and he clearly has a different way of looking at his upcoming scenarios. An agreement has been put in place between the Republican National Committee and Trump’s campaign to allow donors to write checks to either entity and for both of the parties involved to share in the benefits.


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