New Poll Gives Trump BAD NEWS, He Needs To Release His Taxes, OR ELSE!

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During the presidential campaign of 2016 President-elect Donald Trump, who at the time was only the Republican nominee, often began his raucous rallies by reading the day’s latest polling information. Trump absolutely loves information which shows him in a favorable light, as he soaks up praise as if it were oxygen that keeps him alive. However, not all polling information makes Trump appear to be the hero he so richly believes that he is. In particular when it comes to his taxes.

Trump’s decision to not release his tax information during the campaign broke with decades of campaign tradition. While not being illegal, it surely made Trump appear as if he had something to hide. Trump said this was nonsense and that he would happily release the information once an audit by the IRS was complete. Later it was discovered this alleged audit was never actually happening and Trump had been lying through his teeth the entire time. The damage was already done and the American people were already fooled by the time the truth came to light.

Now that Trump has won the presidency new polling information shows the American people are not going to let him off the hook and they want to see his taxes. The poll by ABC News shows that 74% of Americans, nearly three quarters the entire nation, want to see the mysterious information. Of that 74%, 53% were Republicans! Of course the numbers were skewed across partisan lines and 89% of Democrats who responded wanted to see the information.

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