MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Just CRUSHED Donald Trump, AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!

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Individuals who have been following the presidential political discourse would find themselves absolutely stunned to learn that President-elect Donald Trump has been contradicting himself again. The area where Trump has found himself bogged down is the latest explosive developments regarding his relationship with the Russian government. Presently there are numerous fires in which Trump has to contend with.  As new information rolls out, a prominent member of the media has made it a point to not allow the public to forget how Trump has tried to fool them in the past.

During his latest press conference Trump declared his innocence in having any business dealings with Russia. He said:

So I tweeted out, that I have no dealings with Russia, I have no deals in Russia, I have no deals that could happen in Russia because we have stayed away, and I have no loans with Russia. As a real estate developer I have very very little debt, I have assets that are – and now people have found out how big the company is. I have very little debt, I have very low debt. But I have no loans with Russia at all and I thought that was important to point out. I certify that. I have no deals. I have no loans. I have no dealings. We could make deals in Russia very easily, if we wanted to, I just don’t want to because I think that would be a conflict. So I have no loans, no dealings, and no current pending deals.

Famed MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow absolutely shattered Trump’s position by reposting an article which described how Trump has been doing business in Russia for over 30 years. Does that sound like a man who has something to hide?

In the age of technology, the Internet never forgets which is something that will hopefully come back to haunt Trump over and over and over during his presidency.

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