Mexican Airline Aeromexico Responds To Trump’s “Border Wall” With SPINE TINGLING Commercial

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An ad from Mexican airline Aeroméxico shows how dangerous, and ultimately meaningless, physical and ideological barriers can be.

The narrated spot was produced by the company in May 2016 when Donald Trump first announced his plan to build a wall along the Mexico-United States border and has since resurfaced in the wake of this weekend’s immigrant and refugee travel ban.

In it, images of various blockades flash by while a voice muses on the fears that inspire separation.

“I’ve seen borders built by hate, for speaking a different language, for men kissing men, or simply because someone didn’t want anything to do with someone next door,” the narrator says.

While these barricades may seem insurmountable, at the end of the ad, an Aeroméxico plane lifts to the sky and reminds us just how small these physical manifestations of prejudice truly are.

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