Massive Protests Planned For Trump’s Swearing-In Ceremony, This Is SERIOUS!

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Donald Trump shocked the world when he won the presidency and he will be inaugurated in less than 48 hours as the 45th President of the United States. A protest group is planning a massive pushback against Trump’s inauguration and have publicly stated they seek to disrupt the event.

A representative from a group named “DisruptJ20”, Samantha Miller, said they are planning to send thousands of protesters to the event. Their goal is to block the public access entrances. When asked why they were going to do this Miller said, “We believe that it’s our role and the role of any people with conscience to try to disrupt this inauguration and have a massive showing of resistance on that day.”

In total the group will send around 100 protesters to each entrance. Miller acknowledged that the protesters will likely be dealing with a heavy police presence, “There will definitely be interactions with law enforcement that day, no doubt.”

Indeed, police are ready for the protesters. A spokesperson for Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department said in an email, “We support everyone’s First Amendment right to peaceably protest.”

Words will surely collide in Washington, D.C. and every citizen is entitled to their right to protest the government. One hopes that the protests will be conducted peacefully so that the protesters and the attendees of the inauguration are kept out of harm’s way.

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