Kellyanne Conway’s Newest Muslim-Ban Defense, “Obama Did It, Blame Him”

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Kellyanne Conway was caught on camera by the gossip site TMZ, and they asked her about Donald Trump’s new Muslim ban. Conway said the Muslim ban is actually Barack Obama’s brainchild and Trump is just following his lead.

Speaking in D.C. on Sunday, Kellyanne Conway was quick to point out Obama temporarily put the brakes on the Iraqi refugee program by adding lots of red tape to the process. To her point, Obama did ID 4 countries as areas of concern for terrorism, but Trump layered on 3 additional countries with his executive order.

And make no mistake, what Trump is doing is NOTHING like what Obama did in 2011.

Obama paused approvals of refugee applications from Iraq for a period of six months after two Iraqi Al-Qaeda terrorists were discovered living as refugees in Kentucky.

But Obama didn’t base the ban on religion. Obama’s order – which was done with very little fanfare – selected Iraqi nationals based on geography and a specific event, not religion.

Furthermore, Obama didn’t do it out of the blue. It was done in response to a specific event to allow FBI agents a new procedure to gather fingerprints captured from roadside bombs which they used to toughen their refugee screening process.

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