The ONE Big Name Performer Attending Trump’s Inauguration HAS NOW BACKED OUT!

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Legendary singer and songwriter Paul Anka will not perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration after all.

The 75-year-old musician was reportedly set to perform a customized version of his classic “My Way”, with lyrics altered to fit his long-time friend Trump, but he told TMZ he ultimately had to back out because of family commitments.

“The president-elect is an old friend of mine for 50 years, there was a dialogue to do it, ‘My Way’ is his favorite song,” he said via video interview, “but… I’ve been in a custody battle for two years for my son Ethan, and we have a new schedule now and I’m unable to do it.”

While he wouldn’t confirm that he supports Trump politically, he said, “I have a respect for the office of the presidency and an American, and… I was doing it in terms of what’s good for our country and respecting the presidency.”

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