Trump’s Team Reserved Just ONE Seat For Today’s Press Conference, Guess Who Got It?

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According to the Associated Press, a front row seat was reserved for Breitbart at Donald Trump’s first press conference as the president-elect. A Republican National Committee (RNC) aide saved the seat, which was the only one held for more than 250 attending journalists.

From the AP:

More than 250 journalists packed Trump Tower for the celebrity businessman’s first full-fledged news conference since July, which was billed as a forum to discuss his separation from his business but quickly turned into a loud, wide-ranging free-for-all about U.S. intelligence, Russian hacking and, eventually, some of Trump’s policy plans after he takes office on Jan. 20.

Only one seat was saved by a Republican National Committee aide, a front-row spot for a reporter from Breitbart, the conservative news outlet until recently run by Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon. Other reporters scrambled to save their seats. Reporters shouted and waved their arms at Trump to get his attention, rather than the president calling on questioners from a list, as is often the practice.



This isn’t going to be good.

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