Trump Is Setting A HUGE RECORD For Presidents, And It’s A HUMILIATING ONE!

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There are many causes for concern surrounding Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States. His temperament and inability to tolerate criticism or dissenting ideas are certainly trouble. However other areas of concern which are not discussed as readily are Trump’s advanced age and his health. Given that Trump is old enough to qualify for Social Security payments, his health should be a top priority as he could simply keel over and die at any given moment.

Trump claims to be 6 foot 3 inches tall, but that information has been proved to be untrue. In reality Trump is only around 6 feet tall, depending on what shoes he wears. He also claimed, on national television, to only weight 236 pounds. That was also a lie and later revised to 267 pounds. Trump may weigh much more than that if the 267 figure is what his camp is willing to admit to.

As it happens Trump’s weight places him in an elite class of individuals, as he, already before aging or enjoying the delicacies available to him at The White House, is amongst the fattest presidents of all time. It is not an unfair statement to make that Trump is, by any account, obese and bordering on being morbidly obese as well.

For the betterment of the American people Trump should publicly commit himself to physical fitness so that he can best serve. If Trump were to die in office it would mean that Mike Pence would become the next president. Many prefer Trump to Pence, while others prefer Pence to Trump. They are both awful individuals, but at least the public would not have to worry about Pence falling over dead moments after he finished a Big Mac.

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