Source Behind Trump’s Russian Connection Has Been Revealed!

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The administration of President Donald Trump having been doing their very best to shield the American electorate from the reality that the Russian government helped Trump win the election. A dossier of information has been circling through intelligence agencies and media publications which has a variety of evidence to corroborate this scenario. However, while the dossier exists it was pieced together by a former MI6 agent named Christopher Steele who has since disappeared and therefore is unable to comment on the document. Now the source which provided Steele with the information has been unearthed and they too are acting mighty sheepish to talk about the dossier’s contents.

The individual in question is named Sergei Millian, who is the head of the “Russian-American Chamber of Commerce.” Millian claims to have been in Moscow when he observed Trump involved in compromising positions with Russian prostitutes — a claim that Trump’s team adamantly denies. Millian’s name is never actually named in the dossier but, according to an inside source familiar with the dossier, according to ABC news, “a version provided to the FBI included Millian’s name as a source.”

Via MotherJones: Millian’s activities and ties to Trump have raised questions. In October, the Financial Times mounted an investigation of him and the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce. It reported:

Most of the board members are obscure entities and nearly half of their telephone numbers went unanswered when called by the Financial Times. An FT reporter found no trace of the Chamber of Commerce at the Wall Street address listed on its website. At the same time, the chamber appears to have close official ties, arranging trips for visiting Russian regional governors to the US.

Given Trump’s notorious desire to gain revenge against individuals who have publicly slighted him Millian may soon find himself in the center of Trump’s crosshairs. There has yet to be a response from Trump’s team regarding the revelation of Millian as the source, but one can wager that when it comes it will not be kind or delicate.

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