President Obama Offers Trump A Gift For The White House, Trump SNUBS Him And SAYS NO

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Typically the subject of a president’s children is taboo if they are below the age of an adult unless they child does something particularly interesting or heinous. However, as society now exists in a never-ending news cycle there is more information available than ever before. For example, it appears President Barack Obama attempted to give President-elect Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son Barron a gift, and Trump turned the gift down without a second thought.

Obama is leaving the White House in less than three weeks, and his family is packing up all of their things and making preparations to return to public life. As the Obama family occupied the White House for 8 years they acquired many items including a playground play set which Sasha and Malia played on as children. Obama offered Trump to keep the playset, for his son Barron, but Trump was not interested.

So why is this news? Does this offer some insight into the world or into the consciousness of society as if the interaction proves something between Obama and Trump? Absolutely not. However, now you know the story of the swingset that will not have a second life with the Trump family.

The impactful and deathly serious scenario was also the subject of some Twitter chatter:

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