Keith Olbermann Just Said What ALL OF US ARE THINKING, Donald Trump Won’t Last, And This Is Why…

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Occasionally the heralded leftist commentator Keith Olbermann comes down from his position as a sports caster to comment on the various problems plaguing the American political system. Olbermann is somewhat of an expert on President-elect Donald Trump as he has covered Trump for decades. Recently Olbermann spoke out to describe the process he believes will take shape once the American people get a taste of what Trump is like in the Oval Office:

He’s not healthy enough to be the President and they will have to remove him. By the way it will be the Republicans who have to remove him. Either the Vice President or House Speaker using the 25th Amendment or the Republican Congressmen and Republican Senators who will impeach him. This is not about what he believes in. This is about the fact that he’s not well. So I’ll I’m asking is that you just think about it. Because when the time comes, when the Republicans need to remove him as President, they will need to do it in a hurry. And as a Republican or a Conservative or as a Democrat or as an American however you describe yourself it will be alot easier, and a lot safer if you have prepared yourself and you help them remove him. Because he is not well.

It is difficult to imagine Olbermann’s concept of Republicans impeaching their own president coming to light, but in this time anything is truly possible. Would America be better off with Mike Pence as the president? It is not as if that by removing Trump the Republicans lose power, they would merely have another figurehead in place.

Watch Olbermanm’s full video below:

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