Donald Trump Has STIFFED His D.C. Hotel’s Contractors For $5 Million, And He REFUSES To Pay!

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President-elect Donald Trump’s recently opened hotel in Washington, D.C. is once again the subject of hot controversy. Apparently Trump, who touts his business experience, owes the construction company AES, which did all of the work on the hotel, millions of dollars. Trump has been so stubborn in paying his debts that the company has been forced to a lien on the property.

In total Trump is said to owe the AES $2 million for the job Trump forced them to rush to complete. According to the executive vice president of AES, Jason Miller, Trump’s demands on the job site required a crew of 45 to work for 12 hours a day for 50 straight days. After the work was complete, and right before Christmas, Trump refused to pay the balance of money that was owed to which Miller said, “Merry Christmas and a happy new year to us.”

Miller went on to say AES has no opinion about Trump’s politics and they simply would like to be paid for the services they rendered:

We’re not in this for any sort of political reasons. We have no ax to grind, political or otherwise. We’re a business. We have 700 employees that we pay every week. We have bills. We are effectively financing this work, and we don’t think it’s right. That’s really it.

Trump’s business answered the allegations without stating if they intend to pay or not:

In developments of this scale and complexity the filing of nominal liens at the conclusion of construction is not uncommon as part of the close out process. In the case of Trump International Hotel, Washington D.C., the Trump Organization has invested over $200 million dollars into the redevelopment of the historic Old Post Office and is incredibly proud of what is now considered to be one the most iconic hotels anywhere in the country.

There are literally hundreds of cases which have been brought against Trump for of not paying his bills and will likely not pay this bill if he is not forced to do so.

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