Democrats Taking IMMEDIATE Action To Get Trump To Release His Taxes, Trump Goes SILENT!

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Traditionally individuals running for the office of President of the United States release their past tax history to the public. That all changed when Donald Trump entered the political arena. Despite being hounded by the public and the media Trump managed to win the election without ever releasing any of this tax information. He claimed this was because he was being audited by the IRS, but that lie was readily disproved months ago. Now as part of the Democratic resistance against Trump’s presidency a popular senator has introduced a bill requiring Trump to release his taxes once and for all.

The brave move was made by Sen. Ron Wyden who introduced the bill on Jan. 4th. The language of Wyden’s bill is simple and straight to the point. Presidents who are in office would be required to show at least the last three years of their tax returns. Furthermore Wyden’s bill stipulates that any candidate who accepts the nomination for president from a major party is required to release their taxes to the Federal Election Commission in no more than 15 days. If the law is passed and individuals do not comply with its stipulations the Secretary of the Treasury is legally allowed, and obligated, to provide the information to various agencies. Those agencies would then be allowed to release the tax returns to the public.

Wyden said of the bill, “The fact that the president-elect refuses to release his tax returns is a tragic failure of transparency, and it needs to be corrected. With President-Elect Trump flouting bipartisan traditions of disclosure while engaging with foreign leaders at the highest level, it’s more important than ever to ensure that the Commander-in-Chief isn’t playing by a different set of rules.”

The sad reality is the Republican party controls both houses of congress, and the chances of this bill ever passing both houses is next to nill. Even if by some miracle that were to happen, the law directing Trump to release his taxes would have to be signed by Trump himself. That is never going to happen.

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