Anderson Cooper Has A FIELD DAY Humiliating Trump Over His STUPID Meryl Streep Tweets, You’ve GOT TO WATCH THIS!

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During CNN’s political panel discussion on Monday night, host Anderson Cooper indicated that Donald Trump’s tweets about actress Meryl Streep Monday morning were a pretty weak comeback.

Talking about Streep’s anti-Trump Golden Globes speech, where she hit the incoming POTUS for mocking a disabled reporter, the panel got a bit chaotic when political commentator Kayleigh McEnany suggested that there was dispute over whether Trump actually did that.

Following that, and additional discussion over the potentially condescending nature of Streep slamming football and MMA, Cooper wanted to know why Trump reacted and why he gave the reaction he did.

“My point is that his comeback is ‘She’s overrated’ is like,” Cooper said. “Really? That’s what the comeback is?”

He further noted that for the president-elect “to be such a raw nerve of emotion is amazing to me.”

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