JUST IN: Alec Baldwin To Host Entire SNL As “Donald Trump”, Trump CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS!

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Alec Baldwin will return to host “Saturday Night Live” for a record-setting 17th time this February in a show certain to feature his ongoing impersonation of President Trump, NBC announced Monday.

Baldwin, who has appeared on “SNL” frequently throughout last year to impersonate the new president, had until now tied with comedian Steve Martin at 16 shows hosted. He will be hosting the February 11th episode.

Baldwin’s Trump impersonation has caused the president to more than once tweet his anger at the show. In mid-January, Trump tweeted that “SNL” was the “worst of NBC.”

Baldwin, a vocal Trump opponent, has said “SNL” has a responsibility to mock the commander in chief. Baldwin and filmmaker Michael Moore hosted an anti-Trump rally in New York City just ahead of Trump’s inauguration.

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