Just Before They Leave The White House, We Learn Something HUGE About Sasha And Malia Obama!

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Malia and Sasha Obama will be gone soon, and thus far, they have really kept private lives, thanks to their parents.

President Obama appeared for a final interview on ABC’s “This Week”, where he raved about his two daughters as he reflected on their White House upbringing in an interview on Sunday.

The president looked back at the past eight years and explained how they have shaped Sasha and Malia, who are now respectively 15 and 18. The girls were just 7 and 10 when they first moved into the White House.

Obama and his wife Michelle worried at first that they would “develop an attitude”, but instead he said he watched them grow instead into “sweet, kind, funny, smart, respectful people” who “treat everybody with respect”.

Obama said, “You don’t know how it would have turned out if they had grown up in Chicago instead in a more normal environment. All I can say is they have turned out to be terrific young women. We were concerned mostly about whether they would develop an attitude. And they are sweet, kind, funny, smart, respectful people, and they treat everybody with respect.”

The girls did complain about Secret Service once they became teenagers. Obama admitted that being followed by guards with guns and microphones at all times could become grating at that age, saying, “But they’ve handled it with grace, and I give Michelle most of the credit for how well they’ve done.”

The Obamas will remain in Washington, DC long enough for Sasha set to finish high school. Her older sister Malia is currently taking a gap year and will head to Harvard in the fall.

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