John McCain’s Office Was Stormed By Protesters, Guess What The Senator Did? (It Wasn’t A Good Thing!)

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Given Donald Trump’s absolutely outrageous series of comments about his mistreatment of women, he has forced numerous members of the Republican party to distance themselves from him. That does not mean, however, that they will not ultimately fall in line with Trump’s marching orders. This can be evidenced by the self-dubbed fake “Maverick” Sen. John McCain. The senator refused to endorse Trump’s candidacy for president, but when McCain was called to help Trump get his cabinet appointees through the senate nomination process McCain was more than happy to help. Unfortunately for McCain this led to a massive backlash against him by way of a physical protest in his offices that surely took him by surprise.

Numerous military veterans who once considered McCain to be a hero, as he was captured during the Vietnam war and suffered brutal torture, now call him a traitor. They have turned on McCain due to his vote in favor of Trump’s Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson. As it happens Tillerson is a very wealthy man as he was the CEO of Exxon Mobil, one of the most profitable corporations in the history of mankind.

The protests against McCain led to numerous individuals being arrested. There is little doubt that this action will be one of many to transpire in the future as more individuals stand up and put themselves on the line to speak out about what is happening in our nation.

McCain deserves to receive the rebuff of protesters. For weeks he promised to initiate hearings against Trump’s connections to the Russian government, only then to back down at the last minute. Then after that cowardice he brought himself further disgrace by voting for Tillerson who will surely be a disaster for the American people as the nation’s top diplomat.

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