Ivanka Meets With Michelle Obama, Proves Once And For All Melania Is OUT As First Lady

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The role of the First Lady of the United States has traditionally been filled by the wife of the sitting president. However, the incoming administration of Donald Trump is anything but traditional. It appears that Trump’s wife, Melania, is not going to be assuming the role of First Lady and instead the duty will fall to Trump’s daughter Ivanka. While this has not yet been officially confirmed there have been numerous signs to point towards this happening.

The pieces of the puzzle became more clear when Donald Trump spoke about a conversation Ivanka had with First Lady Michelle Obama. Trump said, “Ivanka, the other day, spoke to her. The conversation was going to be a quick conversation. It lasted an hour.” Previously it had been widely reported that Melania was not going to be moving to Washington, D.C. to live in the White House but instead continue living at the Trump home in New York. Meanwhile, Ivanka and her entire family are making the move.

It is unprecedented for the daughter of a president to take on the duties of First Lady. Over the course of American history there have been family members who have filled in for the role of First Lady due to the sitting president not having a wife or because their wife died in office. Will Republicans be outraged by this? Likely not.

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